Writing Services


Advertorials are available for real and mock publications. Advertorials, including any combination of a main article, sidebar and author bio are invoiced at the standard rate of $100/hour or $1.00 per word if a detailed article form is completed and submitted at the time of assignment. DY&Co is happy to work with the publication of your choice. For an additional $500, we can develop a “mock advertorial” layout that can be used in presentations, distributed at trade shows or used along with other sales and marketing collateral.

Case Studies - Mini and Standard Feature
Mini case studies are popular among sales teams and prospects as they quickly and efficiently introduce an exemplary customer or partnership, define the challenge, describe the solution, state the bottom line, promote the vendor and wrap up the piece with a statement of conclusion.

Standard feature case studies develop a detailed history of the customer’s situation prior to selecting a solution, through the process of selecting a vendor, implementing the solution and measuring the results in terms of cost and time savings. These comprehensive case studies are often used in trade journals and publications, and at your choice can be bylined by your customer. For an additional $500 Debra Yergen & Co. can coordinate the legal and public relations approval process with your customer, providing you with a signed consent form along with a finalized article.

Copywriting/Brochures/Marketing Collateral

You have a few seconds to get your reader’s attention, so it’s critical that your marketing collateral reflects the message you most want to promote. Debra Yergen & Co. works with your executive team and message visionaries to crystallize and package your message to your audience. DY&Co. offers copywriting with or sans complementary design layout to ensure maximum impact. We are happy to work with your in-house design staff, your preferred design vendor or recommend a specialist that complements your style and budget.

Employee Handbooks/Training Manuals

Your industry may be required to maintain new minimum regulatory compliance standards, and if so, it is to your benefit to standardize company handbooks and training manuals with your compliance policies. DY&Co works with your human resources and training departments to develop employee handbooks and training manuals that protect your company against inconsistent messages, as well as recommend compliance software to protect your management team.

Ghostwriting/Executive Articles

One of the most important tools to establish your company as an industry thought leader is to capitalize on the intellectual property available through your executive team. Unfortunately, many C-level and director executives lack the time necessary to craft an article worthy of their expertise. DY&Co accommodates your schedule, taking advantage of your “in between time” at airports or in the car. Following a phone conversation, we’ll outline an executive article for you to approve or change via e-mail at your convenience, and then prepare a draft based on this correspondence. We package your message in the exceptional way you would if you had enough time.

Responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Whether you need to have an RFP prepared to solicit vendors or you have received an RFP requiring a response, we meet your deadlines with accuracy, professionalism and attention to detail. As the sole proprietor of TechComm, a Seattle-based technical writing company, Debra Yergen successfully responded to more than 200 requests for proposals on behalf of her clients from 1993 to 1998, resulting in the award of more than US $1 billon in gross sales. Proposals are prepared at the standard rate of $100/hour or $1.00 per word plus expenses.

Positioning Papers/White Papers

As your business grows organically or through acquisition, it is imperative that prospects in your expanded space understand how your experience in an established market will benefit them. Positioning papers present the benefits of your products, services and intellectual property to a marketplace requiring the solution(s) you offer.

White papers define a particular marketplace, describe the immediate and future needs of that market, review current and future technology likely to influence the market and compare the needs of that marketplace to the needs of characteristically similar but developmentally different markets. An example of a white paper may include the comparison between application service provider (ASP) software and installed or in-house solutions.

Press Releases

We research, develop and write press releases, and individually release them to the trade journalists within your industry or geographical area for a flat rate of $500/each. Should you have your own distribution system, we are able to prepare one draft, incorporate one round of changes and solicit one round of approvals through your public relations or marketing department for a flat rate of $400/each. Additional rounds are invoiced at the hourly rate.

Scripts/Form Letters

Companies utilize scripts and form letters to get an identical message or announcement out to multiple recipients or to ensure a standardized basis line for customer feedback or communication.

Scripts and form letters are an exceptional tool to create an environment of compliance and consistency in the case of customer surveys and feedback solicitation, account collections, inside sales and other instances where correspondence requires a precise message.

Website Content

Is your Web site outdated? Does it contain spelling and grammatical errors? Many potential customers will research your business online even before they call your office. DY&Co works with your creative team to develop complete, concise text that conveys your message quickly and accurately. Whether you are seeking a portal placeholder/splash page or a comprehensive representation of your full-service offerings, we can help you customize your message on time and in budget. We also offer maintenance plans to review calendars and alert you when they are close to being outdated. Web site writing services are invoiced at a standard $100 hourly rate. Volume and specialized project pricing is available upon request.