Media Relationship Building

Strong media relationships are paramount to a successful public relations initiative. DY&Co specializes in media relationships in the following industries:


  • Financial Services/Banking/Treasury
  • Collections/Credit Card Risk
  • Compliance
  • General Area (limited to a geographical zone)
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance


Media Relationship Building (MRB) includes the distribution of press releases, fielding journalist calls and arranging executive interviews, pitching corporate messages to trade or general journalists, following up on communication and providing clippings and monthly reports back to the client, and may also include the development of media mixers or press conferences at the client’s request. MRB services are available starting at $1000/per month to include up to 15 hours of non-rollover consulting time. At no time will DY&Co accept more than five MRB clients in any one industry or geographical zone, to ensure clients receive exclusive and dedicated representation to journalists and publications.