Á La Carte Services

DY&Co provides the following à la carte marketing services at varying hourly and project rates through a consortium of experienced marketing and design professionals hand selected by and responsible to Debra Yergen.

Client Phone Surveys

What do your clients think about your products and service? Is there something they wish you would do to better serve them? Do you have the time to make individualized contact to find out what is on their mind? Your current customers are your greatest resource. For more information on what we can do to provide the critical feedback you need, e-mail dy@debrayergenco.com

RATE: $35/hour in the U.S and $45/hour in Canada

Data Entry and Transcription Services

Whether you need client survey data entered or trade show information input and tracked, you can depend on accurate transcription services at an affordable hourly rate. Data can be delivered electronically in whatever Microsoft program best fits your needs. For data entry and transcription services, e-mail dy@debrayergenco.com.

RATE: $35/hour

Portal Placeholder Development

Whether you need a portal placeholder while your Web site is built, or simply a permanent splash page with your contact information and hours of operation to give your small business legitimacy in an electronic marketplace, this inexpensive option can be live in 24 hours. For more information on a beautifully designed custom placeholder, e-mail am@debrayergenco.com or visit www.planetdma.com.

RATES: $150 for one home page (registration and e-mail additional)